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 Telescopic Towers 

The telescopic towers of our production start from a side of 30 cm to a side of 90 cm, from a height of 2 meters per section to a height of 12 meters per section and from a minimum of two sections to a maximum of six sections.

We have further improved the telescopic system with three orders of aluminum guide rollers, making the ascent anddescent of the sections even more stable and precise.

     TS-G series

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We work with certified materials, welding and all other processes are performed by skilled workers.

We create towers according to the customer's needs, with the possibility of customized changes also regarding the dimensions.

With data such as the weight of the antennas to be mounted, their exposure to the wind (msquare) and the possibility of installing tie rods (or the need for a self-supporting structure), we will be able to advise you on the most suitable model.

all the towers are hot-dip galvanized, with the possibility of building the stainless steel version of each one.

On request we can certify any of our towers.


If necessary, we also carry out transport and assembly.

On request we can certify any of our tower. 


If necessary, we also carry out transport and assembly assistance.

TS 545-90 G

                   TS 48-90 RG 

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